Corporate Assets

Our Expertise


Identified requirements:

  • The "isolation" of the manager/shareholder faced with important strategic decisions.
  • The day to day operations prevent the necessary overview for an improved strategy and forecast of the development of assets that corrrespond with the wealth planning goals of the family.
  • The corporate finance opearations (external growth, restructuring of existing capital, fund raising, transfer of assets, …) are highly time consuming and disrupt the management of current operations. By distancing himself from operations, the manager/shareholder risks losing credibility, harmful vis-a-vis his business partners.
  • The difficulty to reconcile and coordinate teams whose tasks are very specialised.
  • The often complex management of potential disagreements or conflicts amongst shareholders.
  • Due to difficult and volatile market conditions, the relationships between managers/shareholders and their financial partners, are often strained, and the management of corporate assets is not optimised.

Our Solutions

  • Advice and permanent support of the manager/shareholder with long term strategy and funding.
  • Assistance with fund raising (equity and financial debt).
  • The role of personal investment banker for the manager/shareholder by initiating, structuring and coordinating the reorganisation of corporate assets (M&A, fund raising, transfer of assets, …).
  • Assistance and support with financial restructuring debt (senior and operational).
  • Mediation of conflict resolution amongst shareholders.

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