Case Study n°2

Optimisation and protection of financial assets

The Challenge

  • High tech foreign telecom based company with surplus financial assets not required for funding the operations and considered as "private assets" by the family shareholder.
  • Expectation of a return higher than LIBOR USD 1 month with no risk on the capital invested.

The Mission

  • Assistance with a suitable tax jurisdiction selection according to the country of residence of the company and the family shareholders.
  • Definition of goals and investment durations with a private management outlook of the assets and a protective approach of the recommended initial capital invested.

The Results

  • Selection of a working jurisdiction in liaison with the company's legal and financial advisors and of depositary bank.
  • Acknowledgment of investment terms.
  • Setup of a quarterly reporting at D+15 under IFRS GAAP (constraints of the company being listing on a European stock exchange).
  • Supervision of advised assets.

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