Case Study n°6

Mediation of conflict resolution amongst shareholders

The Challenge

  • Luxury goods company (Revenues: USD 35 million, EBITDA: USD 7 million) under L.M.B.I. by 2 majority investment funds and 2 professional managers that initiated the operation.
  • The Shareholders comprised friends and family members of one of the managers.
  • Following disagreements between shareholders, the manager left suddenly in a context of conflict.

The Mission

  • Representation of individual shareholders during general meetings of the company.
  • Initiation and organisation of the exit of individual shareholders not allowed for within the existing shareholders' agreement.

The Results

  • Initiation of discussions with the majority investment fund, after the confilct resolution with the "discharged" director.
  • Negotiation on the assumption of an exit, the setting of a share price and the effective conditions of exit.
  • Agreement finalised after 5 months of discussions, allowing the individual shareholders to sell 100% of their shares:
  • - with immediate payment,
    - with substantial capital gains,
    - within a difficult macroeconomic context.


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