Case Study n°3

Optimisation and protection of financial assets

The Challenge

  • Not for profit French law association with the mission of financing international medical research projects (annual budget: USD 45 million).
  • The need to optimise the financial management of the endowments.
  • Expectation of return higher than LIBOR USD 1 month with no risk on the capital invested.

The Mission

  • Assistance and advice on cash flow management under certain constraints (foreign currency, ethics, protection of capital).
  • Organisation of tenders to select a global depositary bank.

The Results

  • Implementation of an investment policy based on structured products (100% protection of capital) and short term financial products.
  • Formalisation of a foreign exchange hedge strategy.
  • Annualised financial returns higher than expectations.
  • The overperformance allowed the association to fulfill the following projects:
  • - design, production and promotion of a new scientific journal,
    - increase in the number of allocated grants,
    - acquisition of a new head office for the association (approx. 1,000 sqm).


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