Private Assets

Our Expertise

We match the selected financial management options with the goals of our clients, by structuring a customised asset management strategy.

We advise all asset classes (shares, bonds, hedge funds) by selecting, impartially, the asset managers using quantitative and qualitative parameters and tools to supervise their results.

Futhermore, our expertise in structured products and equity derivatives allows us to offer our clients the most sophisticated financial products.

The AVIRE finance teams strive to:

  • combine know-how, innovation and ethics,
  • identify the best asset allocations for the market conditions and economic climate,
  • offer an open framework for products and asset managers.

In an environment of managed risk, in order to expect optimal results.

Our Solutions

  • Personalised approach for the organisation and the objectives of the family wealth.
  • Structuration of the family business plan to determine the best duration for the investments.
  • Independant selection of products and customised solutions, that correspond to the goals of expected risk/returns.
  • Development of personalised reporting with consolidation of various accounts and deep analysis of performance.
  • Recommendations for investment arbitrages depending on market conditions and long term wealth planning goals.
  • Legal, financial and succession planning coordination, in close liaison with the existing specialised advisors of our clients.
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