Case Study n°1

Structuration and implementation of a Single Family Office

The Challenge

A family based in Europe with important private and corporate assets, notably in the plastic processing industry, disposes a division for several hundred million euros. After international consultations with private bankers, the family decides to create its own dedicated Family Office.

The Mission

  • Creation, setup, organisation and development of a Family Office with the financial management of the liquid assets as the main priority.
  • In-house management of the financial and legal coordination following a change to the fiscal residence of certain members of the family.

The Results

  • Development and management of a dedicated team of 12 professionals based à Paris, Luxembourg, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore.
  • Design and development of analytic tools and operational control of the risks and performances.
  • Organisation of an advisory platform for asset allocations and product selections.
  • Portfolio planning with long term performance.
  • Setup of a "Private Investment Bank" team comprised of 3 team members assigned with advising the family on many strategy based operations.

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